Crystal Reports and Linux

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Crystal Clear offers product Crystal Clear, which can load Crystal Reports (*.rpt) files. (If you change them it saves them as XML-files.) While the server suite is quite expensive the Reports Designer is free.


  • Make sure to have Sun JVM installed (with OpenJDK menu 'Options' does not work properly, for installation see Java & Ubuntu)


  • download zip file
  • unzip and execute (via sudo)

To load (mv-Soft exported) dbase-files you have to install a dbase engine:

  • Download StelsDBF
  • unzip it and copy dbfdriver.jar to /usr/local/i-net\ Crystal-Clear/lib/driver or /home/pfu/i-net Crystal-Clear/lib/driver (depending if you installed it as user or root)
  • restart Reports Designer, program should add dbfdriver.jar to its classpath automatically

Configure DB-connection:

  • Driver class (JDBC API v1.0): jstels.jdbc.dbf.DBFDriver
  • see documentation [file:///home/pfu/download/stels_dbf/doc/doc.htm#URL%20Syntax], e.g.: jdbc:jstels:dbf:/home/pfu/Documents/FW/BerTestCc1 -> all *.rpt in the set path are accessible
Example snapshot:
  • check connection with the 'Connection Wizard'
  • If you have problems to access your file then make sure that the dbase file in the xml-report-file is set withouth '.DBF'!

Add your fonts (otherwise you just have only 4 fonts approx.)

  • in Reports Designer do: 'Options', 'i-net Crystal-Clear-Options', Create new configuration (Name e.g. 'Default', Range 'User')
  • select tab 'Fonts/Layouts' and add following paths:
  • select 'Use Native Fonts'
  • Maybe restart Reports Designer...

Usage of mv-soft reports:

  • when printing, i-net seems to print only from tray 3 -> remove tray 1 and 2
  • encoding of dbase file must be ISO-8859-1, not adjustable