Galaxy S4 Tips and Hints

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Transfering Files

When using USB the Galaxy S4 needs be connected by means of the MTP protocol. Unfortunately my Ubuntu 10.04 does not support this out of the box. Installing a tool supporting this wasn't that easy and thus I settled with following solutions:

  • Use Airdroid. Install Airdroid on your phone and you can control it in your PC browser (Link). There is only one real downside: You cannot manage whole folders ;-( It is only possible to upload one or more files...
  • Install an SSH-server on your phone and copy your files and folders:
    • Connect: ssh -p 36461 (Port and IP-address can be looked up in the phone app.) Disconnecting does not work properly, press ~<Space>.<Enter> which help. (p stands for port; SSH server selects port randomly..)
    • Copy: scp -P 36461 -r /home/pfu/N3200Backup/GalaxySplus/music/my-music/* (See here)
    • Unfortunately I weren't able to use rsync. For this you most probably have to install rsync on the phone and run it as demon (see here and here).
    • Furthermore, the Android device does not know the find command (e.g. for deleting older pictures).

Some more things to tell (which didn't work in my setup):