Galaxy S plus Tips and Hints

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Connecting to Ubuntu

(see Android Forum)

  1. Menü, Einstellungen, Drahtlos und Netzwerk, USB-Einstellungen, Massenspeicher: check
  2. Menü, Einstellungen, Anwendungen, Entwicklung, USB-Debugging: check
  3. Connect USB cable
  4. Pull down top status bar: click on 'USB verbunden', then 'Speicher mit PC verbinden'
  5. Now notification on Ubuntu should appear to mount the phone as USB storage

Take a Screen Capture

This is device dependant (see article). For my Galaxy S plus I have to: Keep pressing Back button (right) and then Home button (middle).

Password Manager synced between Android and Ubuntu

  1. Install Dropbox on Ubuntu and on Android (if not already done).
  2. Ubuntu: Install keepassx (available via Synaptic) or fetch from [1], see [2]
    Better don't use the (Windows) Professional variant: The Android version is not able to insert new entries into it.
    Create a kdb file and save on Dropbox folder (As far as I can see it is possible to have a key-file and several key-store-files. Nevertheless it is simpler to have just one file containing the master key and all passwords together...)
  3. Android: Install KeePassDroid
    Go into Dropbox folder and open the on the PC-created kdb file.


AirDroid is an application on Web and on mobile phone which enables to easily manage the phone content on your PC. You can e.g. send SMS on the PC with it. URL: [3] My account: Google-Account