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Add Pictures

There are different choices how to add pictures:

  • via Web-Browser (allows to add up to +- 10 pictures at once)
  • 'Gallery Remote'-WebStart-App: See Gallery Remote
So I downloaded the tar unzipped it into my Gallery installation, enabled the 'Remote' add-on and started the app within Gallery under 'Add Items'. My Java 8 suppressed the execution of the WebStart application. For this I had to go to 'System Tools', 'Preferences', 'Oracle Java 8 Plugin Control Panel', 'Security', 'Edit Site List...' and add '' (and '').
  • Applet

Does no longer work for me:

  • external tools; on *nix-systems, F-Spot Photo Manager is especially worth notable

Using F-Spot Photo Manager:

  1. Manually add an album with the internet browser
  2. start F-Spot Photo Manager and import the directories containing the pictures to upload (normally, don't copy pictures)
  3. configure your Gallery-installation: 'Photo', 'Export to', 'Web Gallery..', 'Add'. Enter URL:, Username / Password etc. as appropriate.
  4. adjust your pictures (orientation, brightness, comments etc.) then select the pics to upload and select: 'Photo', 'Export to', 'Web Gallery..', Choose the album, where to add the pics, then press 'Export'

Embed Videos

The Olympus Camedia C-8080 instantly creates .MOV-files which can be uploaded and be viewed using Adobe Quicktime Plugin. You can convert the .MOV (and lots of other formats) into Flash-Video (.flv) using following converters:

Converting into Flash-Video has following advantages:

  • smaller files
  • plugin with cooler user interface, more features (e.g. full screen)
  • only needs flash
  • Streaming ?


  • .MOV must be previously converted into .flv-files. (depends on type of camera)


  • Use Plug-In 'Flash Video'
  • If you install 'FFMPEG'-plug-in, this plug-in calculates the width/height of the movie and creates a thumbnail picture. Since it is not able to create a proper image of the Flash-Video, it is of less help. Installation: Since ffmpeg is not installed on Hostpoint-hosting, you need to download a valid FreeBSD-binary: Found one under
  • You can define specific thumbnail pictures for resources like movies or pdfs if you install plugin 'Thumbnail Manager'.



There is a captcha plugin which can be used for better password protection. Unfortunately it can happen that the captcha does not appear. In this case you have to disable the plugin like this: See [3]


Gallery2 is rather old and Gallery3 is going hibernating. This means shifting to another product may be advisable. see Serge's Technology View: See Piwigo