HP CM3530fs

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The HP CM3530fs is a multi function printer, copier, scanner and fax.

Problems and solutions:

Copy quality bad
Shake all toner cartridges. It seems natural that the first 2..3 copies are of a worse quality.
Setting up SMTP did not work initially, the printer even did a restart
Restarting stopped after I installed the printer on my PC. (I then set up the SMTP server via embedded web server.)
How to set up the printer on my Ubuntu PC
Just as normal: System, Administration, Printing, select 'Network Printer' and the network printer already appeared.
Accessing the Embedded Web Server (EWS)
Make sure, that the EWS is allowed not only using https, set the network name to e.g. HP3530fs and enter in the internet browser: http://HP3530fs.