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Proceedings to found a small company (Einzelunternehmung)

Here are the step you have to exert to found a small company in Switzerland:

  1. Go to or and make a test drive ("Probelauf")
  2. Invent a company name and check URL (startbiz guides you there as well); check with whois service
    Register URL at your internet provider, e.g. at Hostpoint
  3. In startbiz do all necessary steps:
    1. you need your personal security number (AHV), company name, address, financial basement / expected income etc.
    2. you need to know where previous AHV payments have been paid to (former "Ausgleichskasse")
    3. if your income is higher than 100kFr you need a MwSt number and trade registration entry ("Handelsregistereintrag")
      The trade registration entry can be easily done on startbiz, but you need a the necessary second subscription: In canton Solothurn your "Gemeindeschreiber" or your mayor ("Gemeindepräsident") is allowed to do this (Fr. 10.--).
  4. Seek a bank or assurance to put your pension (2. column) ("Pensionskassengelder") to. (My assurance agent recommended a bank on a fixed rate base.)
    • Raiffeisen 4562: Freizügigkeitskonto 1.625%
    • Regiobank: Vorsorgen, Freizügigkeitskonto 1.500 %
    • PostFinance: 1.500%
    • SoBa: 1.375%
    • Migros Bank: 1.5 %
    • Coop Bank: 1.125%
    • Credit Suisse: 1,375%
    • UBS: Freizügigkeitskonto CHF 1,25%
  5. Contact your assurance agent or e.g. Biennassur:
    1. add "Unfallversicherungsschutz / UVG" to your health insurance ("Krankenkasse")
    2. contract a "Kollektiv-Kranken-/Unfalltaggeld-Versicherung"; parameters: delay (15/30/60 days), define income to assure; covers up to 720 days
      In Ascom, this is provided by Helsana and paid partly by the company and the worker
    3. Make a contract to cover long-term illnesses / inabilities (Name?? "Gebundene Vorsorge")
      This is a substitute for the risk part of the "Pensionskasse".
    4. Contract a "Altersrente/-kapital"; this may be combined with a life insurance / long-term saving
      This is a substitute for the savings part of the "Pensionskasse".
      Don't forget: You are allowed to pay up to 20% (or +- 32kFr.) of your income to 3. column ("Säule 3")
  6. Setup emails
  7. Setup your Corporate Identity:
    • company brand / icon ("Firmensymbol")
    • letter template ("Briefvorlage")
    • setup header in your web presence
    • take a picture from your own (better go to a camera shop) and use it for:
      • web presence
      • marketing letter: curriculum vitae page
  8. label your post office box
  9. bank account
  10. Think about your pricing model, write offering: What is your required hourly rate? ("Stundenansatz")
  11. Create advertisement paper containing:
    • curriculum vitae
    • experiences
    • work examples ("Arbeitsproben")
    • job references ("Arbeitszeugnisse")
    • certificates ("Zeugnisse etc.")
    • pricing schema (per hour / day / week / month)

To be done:

  • Internet page
    • create WordPress instance or?
    • Picture showing me
    • Picture for header
    • Pages:
      • Main page
      • Know How
      • News (?)
      • Contact (Address, Telephone, Skype, Email)
      • Impressum
      • References, Partners, Customers
      • Staffing, How to find us,
  • phone number / phone book entry
  • business card ("Visitenkarte"), rubber stamp ("Stempel")

General information:

Financial Aspects

Bookkeeping software: