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Combine components (to make transparent background)

If you want a graphical object having transparent "holes" you cannot do that by layering one object above the other. For doing this you have to combine the different paths by combining them.

  • Lines must be converted to paths: 'Path', 'Stroke to path'
  • Select the dark elements together (using Shift-left-mouse-button), 'Path', 'Union' and 'Path, 'Combine'
  • Select the "hole" elements, 'Path', 'Union' and 'Path, 'Combine'
  • Select the two remaining elements (dark elements and holes): 'Path', 'Exclusion' and 'Path, 'Combine'

If one of the 'Union' / 'Exclusion' (and similar) operations not work then one object is probably a group: Check the status line what it tells there. In this case ungroup the component. See here