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Printing Labels

Precondition: Have address data in a OO calc sheet.

  1. Create new database in OO, let OO register the database
  2. Copy table content including table header with Ctrl-C
  3. Go to database tables overview, press right mouse button, select 'paste', enter table name etc.
  4. Create labels, for 8x3 label sheet as they can be bought in Migros, select 'Herlitz 083220/4 Adressetiketten Laser'
  5. Select the necessary database, table and fields and place them coarsly
  6. Let OO create the sheet: This may take up quite a lot of time!
  7. Be careful copying one label content to the next: In the first run I lost labels due to this!
  8. If some lines may be empty, add a 'Conditional paragraph' field at the line end, condition is:  ![<db-name>.<table-name>.<field-id>].