Samsung YP-U4

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Accessing the Samsung MP3 player YP-U4 by means of MTP

Even though this player should support the UMS (USB Mass Storage) protocol (see [1]) the player did not mount automatically on my Ubuntu box. Using Amarok for browsing the music pieces seemed to work but I needed to access some other files since I used it as a "memory stick" on Windows PC and wanted to copy these files. lsusb showed the device but how to access the files? After I installed libmtp and mtp-tools I was able to access my files. Here some examples:


All filed appeared, e.g.:

  File ID: 221
    File size 22235451 (0x000000000153493B) bytes
    Parent ID: 0
    Storage ID: 0x00010001
    Filetype: Undefined filetype


 mtp-getfile 221

The file gets copied to local drive. To delete:

 mtp-delfile -f

See MTP overview for all available commands.