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Things to do after hardware exchange

  1. Put your harddisks into the device again and the plug in the cables
  2. Connect to the device as before: http://n3200
  3. user name and password is set back to default: admin/admin, change it
  4. Update the firmware to the latest version (1.00.01)
  5. Load up your hopefully previously saved settings (file conf.bin)
  6. Your power on/off schedule does not work after this actions. Disable/enable the timer once. DOES THAT HELP??

Using by Windows XP

  • Connect as network drive: \\N3200\NfsShare

Use Printer Server

The N3200 has a print server included: Just connect the printer with a USB cable to the N3200. There is nothing to configure in N3200. (The web administration console just supports to kill pending printing orders.)

Use with Linux

  • Add a new printer as network printer using the Internet-Printing-Protocol (IPP). Use following host: N3200, port: 631. The whole URL should be then: ipp://N3200/printers/usb-printer

Use with Windows 2000